[G Stove] G스토브 Watertank 3 Liter (3리터 워터탱크)

지스토브에 딱맞는 3리터 용량의 주전자 입니다. 

급수벨브가 있어 언제든지 따뜻한 물을 안전하게 마실 수 있습니다.

Watertank with 3 liter capacity designed to maximize the space on our stoves and also highest possible effect on the watertank.

The watertank stands stabile under use with frame locks under the tank that supports against the back and sides, in addition the watertank has the pipesection in center to give maximum heat from both the stove and the pipe.

The watertank is used on the top cookingplate and therefor is not standing in the way when you are using the stove to cook with pans as normal with a integrated fosset in the back for easy pouring.

Easy to lift on/off with the handle on the watertank.

The heat comes from below as well as the pipes so heating up goes very fast.

The watertank has a big opening that makes it easy to refill or clean.