[G Stove] G스토브 Pipe Cooking Oven Premium (쿠킹 오븐 프리미엄)

GSTOVE의 연통에 연결할 수 있는 쿠킹 오븐입니다.

Integrated thermometer and glass door

Now you can get a cooking oven on all Gstove stoves.
Replace a pipe part and you are ready to make food like home.

Now with integrated thermometer and glass window, this so that you can both look at the food you are cooking and also follow the temperature.
The Thermometer goes to 300 Celsius.

The heat from the pipe comes under, over and on both sides of the cookingstove, this makes a perfect result without the smoke coming near your food.

Move the cooking oven up or down on the pipe depending on how heavy you normally are burning.

3 grates is included that can be placed where you like on 4 places, and can be taken out if you are cooking something big.

Pizza or lasagna on a trip? This makes this easy for you.

We reccomend using pipesection 2 for fast cooking, and pipesection 3 for longer cooking.